Serienmail – live

 You want to learn how easy it is to send personalized serial mails with file attachments using Serienmail?

Join our free online seminar Serienmail – live. We will show you, how to improve upon your everyday workflow by using Serienmail

You will learn how to use Serienmail to…

  • Create personalized serial-mails with one or more standard file attachments.
  • Send personalized serial mails with one or more individual file attachments.
  • Check serial-mails before sending.

You will learn many small helpful tricks about Excel and Outlook, which will help you in your workflow, in this seminar. Afterwards, you will never struggle again with sending personalized serial mails.

Our Serienmail webinar is free of charge. Sign up now!


Topic Learn to use Serienmail
Date and Time October 26 2022, 09:00 to 09:45 AM (UTC)
Registration deadline October  25 2022, 17:00 AM (UTC)

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